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Why is Every Shipping Company Looking Up?


Overcoming the challenges of speed and safety comes at a high cost when using conventional transport


Time sensitive issues created by gridlocked infrastructure and hard-to-access locations


Conventional 20th century transport methodology is limited to traditional access for all locations


Existing fossil fueled powered transport and the accompanying environmental impact


Conventional transport vehicles bear safety risks for both the operator and other people en-route

Blueflite® is Rugged, Scalable & Market Ready

Founded in 2018, blueflite® offers a drone-based logistics platform for faster and more cost-effective deliveries. The patented, unique, and all-electrical drone design has vertical take-off and landing capabilities, advanced maneuverability, and is built without compromise – to meet the rigorous demands of commercial operations.

Whether packages are large or small, our drone-based platform is built to scale in both size and quantity. Operating through our proprietary logistics systems blueflite®’s digital network is designed to work with existing logistic solutions, making blueflite® the obvious choice for large logistic contracts.

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More Speed

Winged, high-speed drone with unique tilt-rotor architecture featuring vectored thrust. High maneuverability and agility, compact design for ease of access. Rugged architecture, ease of use. Internal payload compartment.

More Payload

Based on the SLATE® platform with enhanced hover capability through more energy-efficient propulsion.

Move Up

Drone Deliveries Are On The Rise

The blueflite® drone enables rapid delivery of medical or life-saving equipment, such as defibrillators, when speed is of essence. Our revolutionary drone technology reduces cost associated with medical emergencies and has the potential to revolutionize the medical logistics sector.

Emergency Response

Whether it’s fresh food delivered to the doorstep or the convenience of quasi-instant grocery shopping online, only drones can offer the speed and efficiency required to enable the convenience of last mile deliveries for all. Our drones carry the payload protected from external weather and have automated delivery capability. Cost for last mile delivery can be reduced by factor 5 or more compared to conventional road transport while time for delivery is reduced.

Smart City

Our drones offer logistics solutions to industrial applications, such as spare part deliveries in the energy or maritime industries. Transport to hard to reach locations can be expensive, time consuming and dangerous. Our drones enable reliable delivery of critical supplies to remote sites while keeping the crew safe.

Industrial Revolution 4.0

The ruggedness and ease-of-use of our drones make them a perfect logistics tool for resupply units, to increase expeditionary reach, and facilitate logistics at scale in remote locations. The four independently controlled vector thrusters enable our drones to also operate reliably when the conditions are challenging. Click here for more information.



Blueflite® participates in transformative project funded by Michigan’s AAM Activation Fund

Lt. Governor Gilchrist Announces Over Million to Four Projects Furthering the State’s Advanced Aerial Mobility (AAM) Leadership Funding will support companies advancing the development and deployment of AAM technologies and infrastructure   LANSING, Mich. — Today, Lieutenant Governor Gilchrist announced that four projects will receive .25 million in total funding to scale critical AAM infrastructure and deploy pilots that will generate…

AVL’s Reimagine Mobility Podcast

Join us in AVL’s Reimagine Mobility Podcast YouTube: http://bit.ly/3kuUTLp Audio: https://lnkd.in/grqBvfpx Web: https://bit.ly/3OheLho

Blueflite® and DroneUp Partner to Bring Advanced Commercial Drone Capabilities to Ensure Fast, Safe and Reliable Delivery

New partnership brings together leading drone design and technology leaders to revolutionize last-mile logistics VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (April 1, 2024) — In an exciting development for the future of autonomous logistics, blueflite®, a leader in cutting-edge drone technology, today announced a strategic partnership with DroneUp, one of America’s foremost autonomous drone delivery companies. This collaboration is set to redefine the…

Meet Our Founders

Frank Noppel, CEO LinkedIn

Serial entrepreneur and aerospace enthusiast with 20 years industry experience. Excited about changing the future of logistics, making goods available anytime, anywhere.

James McClearen, CTO LinkedIn

Passionate engineer and technologist with 20 years experience in the automotive and defense industries. Engineer-at-heart who thrives in challenging environments and brings blueflite®’s vision to life.

40 Years of Commanding
the Skies & Bottom Lines

40 years’ of combined industry experience and a shared passion for cutting edge technology and anything that flies. Succeeding in the drone space needs real ’thinking outside the box’. Advances in robotics enable revolutionary designs that enable a paradigm shift in drone technology. This is something taken very seriously by blueflite® founders as can be seen in the unique blueflite® drone design enabling never-seen-before capabilities.

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