Blueflite, an advanced US logistics drone platform provider for faster, more cost-effective, and sustainable deliveries, announced today it has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on the StartEngine platform.

Founded in 2018, blueflite is transforming the cargo drone logistics space with faster, safer, and more sustainable delivery solutions. The patented, all-electric drone technology features vertical take-off and landing, vectored thrust, enclosed cargo hold and advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

According to recent studies, the drone market is expected to more than triple over the next five years. Additionally, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has stated its vision for the Advanced Air Mobility initiative is to map out a safe, accessible, and affordable new air transportation system through unmanned aircraft corridors. Once developed, cargo drones will be able to easily operate in cities and rural areas to streamline logistics for rapid package delivery, emergency response and even aide in disaster relief.

While the drone industry has been truly establishing itself over the past few years, blueflite has been on the ground floor. The company has already raised several million dollars through grants and visionary investors, including Techstars and C-level executives. Now, the company is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign with to raise capital toward growing the business. The company has been live and operating for more than four years and is already revenue-generating.

Having recognized early the gap in the cargo drone market, the company has since partnered with important players in the logistics space. Blueflite’s customer base find revenue generating applications in smart city functions and for lifesaving, medical deliveries.

According to Frank Noppel, co-founder and CEO of blueflite: “In 2021, 159 billion parcels were shipped worldwide, and the number is set to grow to 256 billion by 2027*. That volume of deliveries may not be sustainable and many of today’s methods for delivery are costly and slow. Drones can automate the process for faster and more efficient, sustainable package delivery. People who believe in the future of mobility automation can now use this unique opportunity to be part of our vision for a more sustainable future.”

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