blueflite Launches Its New Drone-Based Solution for Logistics Companies

Ann Arbor, Michigan–(Newsfile Corp. – June 20, 2022) – blueflite announces its new drone-based solution to enable logistics companies to provide more economical and sustainable delivery services across the U.S. The announcement comes in the wake of the ever-increasing demand for advanced technologies in the logistics and delivery sectors. There has been a huge shift in consumer behavior over the last few years, valuing more convenient, sustainable, and reduced human-to-human interaction-based services. The autonomous flight function of blueflite’s drones is designed to ensure the accurate and safe delivery of goods with zero damage and delay.

Blueflite focuses on the safety and security of deliveries with its new technology and innovative designs of its drones. They are built strongly and securely to work in challenging environments irrespective of the delivery locations. It intends to make the delivery of goods viable and reliable even in remote locations.

“The ruggedness and ease of use of our drones make them a perfect logistics tool for resupply units, increasing expeditionary reach, and facilitating logistics at scale in urban areas as well as remote locations. The four independently controlled vector thrusters enable our drones to also operate reliably when the conditions are challenging,” said Dr. Frank Noppel, CEO of the Company.

Blueflite’s drones feature Vertical Take off and Landing technology (VTOL) without relying on ground infrastructure. The AI-controlled design allows for independent runway settings and advanced maneuverability and control. The all-electric drive-train enables neutral energy sources. Blueflite’s focus is also on building out its cloud infrastructure to facilitate learning across its fleet and digital integration with customers’ IT systems.

“We’re pleased to see an adoption of this new technology. Drones are becoming more and more mainstream, and there is increasing acceptance from society. These are exciting times for us and the sector as a whole, and we believe that we are best positioned with our technology to enable drone operators through innovation,” Frank Noppel added.

The company was founded in 2018 and focuses on the design and manufacturing of its high-tech drone logistics solution enabling drone operators to provide services for their customers. Bluefite’s mission is to improve logistics and delivery services, including medical deliveries, e-commerce, and industrial goods and supplies.

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