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Delivering the Future to Your Doorstep by Drone

Drones are ushering in a delivery logistics revolution

The logistics of delivery have always been a challenge, especially when the payload is small. Whether it’s a van delivering an online purchase, a car dropping off dinner for two, or a helicopter bringing a shipment to an offshore oil rig, the costs and environmental impacts of this kind of delivery are high. Autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs) offer new possibilities. James McClearen’s exploration of these possibilities began when he wanted to surprise his daughter with a birthday gift delivered by drone. A mechanical engineer by training and an entrepreneur by trade, McClearen started blueflite to pursue the business potential of AAVs. Using Fusion 360, he and his team are designing, modeling, simulating, and manufacturing a family of drones that balance payload and range requirements for various use cases, from delivery of small items in smart cities and congested urban environments to larger shipments destined for offshore vessels.

About the speaker

James McClearen is the co-founder and CTO of blueflite, a company focused on aerial delivery of industrial cargo by drone. McClearen was the former chief engineer for AVL. He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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